We are a family owned business with a strong belief in promoting our craft shows with the utmost urgency. In the Craft Industry for over 25+ years, we understand what an exhibitor goes through because we were once one. So we felt it was time to help Exhibitors get the most out of what you spend in booth fees. Trust me I've spent close to $700 for a weekend show and that didn't include my gas, food or lodging…ouch!

Our past experiences as an exhibitor helps us understand the perspective of artists and dealers, and keep their needs in mind. Our goal is to run highly organized events that are well attended by people truly interested in buying what you have to offer.

Upon acceptance into Our shows you will have the opportunity to receive advertising, Artist recognition on our blog, Business Feature in our Online Craft Magazine and more! This will continue for (2 months) after your done doing one of our shows. It’s my way for saying Thank You and We Appreciate your business!

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We are a family owned business and strive to do what’s necessary to make our Exhibitors and Customers happy (within reason of course). :-)
With 25+ years in the Craft Industry doing shows from Northern New Jersey to Florida! We have been in your shoes and thought it was time to promote our own shows and help YOU get the most out of what you spend on booth fees. I felt it was time to offer a little extra that you wouldn't normally get from doing a craft show. When you hear the word promoter, you expect US to do what is needed to promote you and your business. Even though you've done some advertising and promotion of your own; wouldn't it be nice to some help after the show ends? Of course it would!
That’s why as Your Promoter, I will continue to advertise and promote your business even after your done doing one of our events. Now you are probably wondering why? What’s the catch? And my response...Why not! I know first hand how tough it is to do advertising, marketing and then try to get your crafts done. One thing my mother has always instilled in me is to help others. If I have the knowledge and ability to do more...I want to help!

It’s important for us to show our customers wonderful quality crafts that they will not likely come across often. We want our customers to appreciate the time, skill and passion that lie behind the products at Quality Crafters Promotions and so we try to make sure that the exhibitors who come on board with us create and design handmade, high quality, original and truly interesting crafts. We also like to make sure that we have a fair and representative balance between creative disciplines.

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